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Nigel Farage is facing calls to sack a Brexit Party MP candidate who shared and liked a series of Islamophobic Facebook posts.

John Booker, who will stand in the Yorkshire seat of Penistone and Stocksbridge, shared a screenshot of a chain email suggesting the United States was “cutting its own throat” because it was “not fighting back” against increasing “Islamist” influence in the country.

He also “liked” Facebook posts which suggested the UK government should “fight fire with fire” to respond to “atrocities of Islam” – and one which suggested the elevation of British-Somali Magid Magid to lord mayor of Sheffield was evidence that “the turkeys are voting for xmas”.



Brexit Party supporters heckle British Sikh Neena Gill for getting elected including telling her to “Go Home”.



maybe we will be training suicide bombers next…

you cant beat terrorist by being like them



Are you guys paid hacks.?


A former BNP candidate said he ‘ran a mile’ when he found out about the party’s ‘institutional racism’.

Kevin Moore stood for the British National Party during the 2009 European Elections before going on to join the Brexit Party in May 2019.

He was appointed as campaign coordinator in the north west for Nigel Farage’s party, which saw three MEPs elected for the region in May’s elections.

Moore has since been sacked from the Brexit Party after an investigation by the M.E.N. brought his BNP past to light.



I hope I will be. I’m owed quite a bit now. But could you kindly explain what we are supposed to be “pumping”?





Good reporting JW.

Its time that there were some prosecutions of these jokers for inciting racial hatred.





Are you a twerp? You certainly give a good impression of one.




You have been busy with your researches today JW. What with Farage’s outburst in Australia we can see that Brexit Party is just like UKIP with many of the same far-right racist characters making up its membership.

I must say that I was a bit surprised that Farage let his mask slip in Australia. I gues he likes to entertain his audience?

Frog in a tree


They should be for the amount of time they spend on here … although I think buns is hoping to get paid by the word ??
Who ever is paying is wasting their money though …


Brexit Lose/Lose but looks whos worse off…

A Leuven University study published last week says a no-deal Brexit will lead to 1.2 million job losses across Europe, including over half a million in the UK (chart by


…cue “they need us more than we need them”.

Still no sign of “no deal” panic in the EU, by the way.

Johnson has to blink first otherwise the Tories are done for.


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What I think could make it worse for us is…
who will PPL in those countries blame for losing jobs, the UK
so what will they do when they see goods with a Union Jack on it.

Still No answer as to what the US INDIA CHINA will buy from us to make up for loss of EU exports
$240BIL / year


I think you make a very good point Pete. Even without organisation, consumer boycotts can have impact. So far, judging from conversations with EU citizens they don’t quite know what to make of Brexit other than “you must all be mad!”. When the job losses come there may well be anger.


Frog in a tree


The winner will be the USA and China. Today John Bolton, renowned demagogue and war monger, was endorsing Brexit. Do Brexiteers really not understand whose job they do? How stupid can someone be? What a tragedy. It’s almost like you witness the months before WW1 again. You know what will happen, but people don’t listen. WW1 was also welcomed by people who thought it would be entertaining, full of fun, pride and honor.


It seems he is hoping that the UK will prostitute itself and change it’s position regarding the Iran deal for a possible trade deal with the USA. The USA shaping the british foreign policy. Taking back control is something else.


Taking back control==Giving control to US


A quick check in to the echo chamber to see what nonsense is the order of today and I come across this little gem. So, lets make a couple of assumptions then. Lets assume that we leave and that everything you say about the EU negotiating position is true. They don’t negotiate, they don’t compromise on the backstop and we leave with no deal.

The UK is the second biggest economy in Europe, as big as the 19 smallest EU members combined. From an economic perspective, the EU is shrinking from 27 member states to 9. Now, the impact of that on Germany is pretty severe for a number of reasons, these being:

  1. German exports will suffer (as if they aren’t enough already).
  2. Germany is going to either have to pick up a sizable chunk of the budget shortfall or somehow persuade disaffected eastern European states to accept stringent cuts. The same states who, to quote Frank Lee:

“Those Eastern European states which emerged from the break-up of the Soviet Union had been led to believe that a bright new world of West European living standards, enhanced pay levels, high rates of social mobility and consumption were on offer.
Unfortunately, they were sold an illusion: the result of the transition so far seems to have been the creation of a low-wage hinterland, a border economy on the fringes of the highly developed European core; a Euro version of NAFTA and the maquiladora, i.e., low tech, low wage, low skills production units on the Mexican side of the US’s southern borders”.

But even this isn’t the worst of it because;

  1. Without the UK as an EU member, Germany will no longer be able to assemble a blocking majority (35%) in Council. Without this, Germany may not be able to stop the crisis-ridden, Club-Med States and France, from reaching into community funds. That my friend, is its very worst fear made flesh.

But hey, despite there being extremely powerful reasons for Germany to move heaven and earth to broker a deal, we’ll go with your doomsday, project fear scenario. If the EU / UK relationship is severely fractured by a difficult no deal, in what universe do you imagine that
a) there would be any political will in the UK to rejoin an institution that had allowed us to rupture so badly and ;
b) any chance of the EU allowing that to happen under anything but the most draconian terms?. You are absolutely barking mate, you simply do not have a scooby do you?


sorry Huw, I couldn’t find the source of your “Frank Lee” quote.