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A Dispatches investigation looking at the battle for the Tory Party reveals concerns the Conservatives have lurched further to the right, and uncovers fresh allegations of Islamophobia within the party.

… Islamophobic posts on Facebook from self-identifying members of the Conservative Party. Some of the posts are from members claiming to be supporters of leading MPs, including one of the leadership contenders, Boris Johnson.

One member of the Boris Johnson Supporters Group said: ‘I would ban all Muslim (sic) from entering the whole of Great Britain.”

A member of the Jacob Rees Mogg Appreciation Society said: “Two mega mosques agreed planning permission in Maidstone and Worcester how we feel about this” another person posted: “WRONG”.

A post quoted from a personal page said: “Islamic filth what a horrific cult.” With another posting: “Signs you may be Muslim. You have more wives than teeth. You own a £5000 rocket launcher but can’t afford shoes. And most significantly…You wipe your arse with your bare hand but consider bacon unclean.”



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A senior official in Nigel Farage’s new party defended the “persecuted” Tommy Robinson and mocked the concept of Islamophobia.

Noel Matthews, the Brexit Party’s national election agent, posted an article sympathetic to the far-right former English Defence League leader, writing: “THIS. Tommy Robinson Drew Attention to Grooming Gangs. Britain Has Persecuted Him.”

He has also praised a rally organised by Robinson at the BBC, saying: “Tommy’s no politician but it looks like he has the BBC bang to rights. His rally is about corrupt media. It’s not about racism or fascism.”

The former Ukip candidate has written that “Islamophobia is a silly, made up word” and tweeted: “Is it Islamaphobia or Islamophobia? I missed it when that word was made up”.

The past statements, uncovered by BuzzFeed, undermine Mr Farage’s efforts to distance himself from Ukip and what he has called his former party’s “fixation” with Robinson and Islam.



Of course the US supports a no deal – it makes a minnow out of Britain

Just common sense…



A new anti-Brexit party has registered with the Electoral Commission, urging backers to vote for London’s separation from the rest of the UK.
The Londependence party will run a campaign of “self-governance” for the capital, saying Brexit dragged the city into a “humiliating mess”.
Party leader Geoff Hinkley said: “In the wake of the Brexit vote, Londoners need to determine their own destiny. We have paid too much for too long.”
In a video statement broadcast on the party’s website, he said: "Brexit was supposed to be about patriotic pride but you can’t be proud of this shambles.

Not just the end of the Union… maybe the end for England too as it’s main profitable area splits away.



The winners of the trade war are Vietnam and similar countries in the region. They have such an enormous boost that they are already afraid of appearing on Trump’s radar. Probably it helps then that Trump has the geographical knowledge of an 8 year old, though some know more.


An interesting survey among bank managers in Germany made by the Centre for financial studies. 86% think the UK will leave without a deal. More interesting, 70% say the EU should not allow a renegotiation of the divorce agreement. 88% believe"no deal" will cause more financial institutions to move to the continent than in a deal scenario. 61% expect turmoil in the markets with economic repercussions, particularly at the irish-british border. 63% believe german financial institutions are well prepared for no deal.

My takeaway, the banks see the problems, but also a chance to steal business from the UK.


Londependence? More nutters crawling out of the woodwork!



big weakness for the UK. Other EU countries can mitigate downside some by taking UK export business to EU countries.
where does UK go.

ask again. what will India. USA CHINA BUY from UK. ?


You don’t think London is big enough to take care of itself? After all… it subsidises the rest of the UK… why would you want to be part of the failing rest of the country?


Absolutely @arsanias

As the survey says:

There is also a broad consensus among respondents (88%) that if the UK leaves the EU in a disorderly fashion, more business activities and employees will be relocated to continental Europe.

Hubertus Väth, Managing Director of Frankfurt Main Finance e.V., highlights: “Should there be a Hard Brexit, which the majority of respondents assumes is the most likely scenario, it will be important for the Financial Centres in continental Europe to demonstrate their efficiency. If we succeed in cooperating across borders, Europe could emerge from the crisis even stronger.”

This is exactly mirrored by the work that went on last year and Q1 2019 preparing for Brexit among every financial institution in the UK. All have created EU state legal entities, most are already using them now.
Over time, more jobs will be positioned in EU states rather than the UK as the UK simply becomes a hub serving UK-based clients… and the volumes for the rest of the world (not just EU states note) increasingly are processed in EU state hubs.


One of the things forgotten.
Is that while we squabble and try to bluff the EU about what we want etc.

The other EU countries and companies are developing systems products to take advantage of any kind of deal. That will hurt us in any scenario but much worse IF this Tory scam continues…


While HMG pumps up the volume on “no deal” preparations…

…but here’s what its like for one British confectionary manufacturer:

This is a company with two factories and employing 50 staff. It makes chocolate and fudge with mainly imported ingredients and much of its production is exported to the EU. They face WTO tariffs of 20% on their exports but, even so, they have been trying to get advice from Mr Barclay, Brexit Secretary, and HMRC as to the necessary paperwork and processes but have got little help as the civil servants are as much in the dark as they are.

This has all the making of a Whitehall farce. If you didn’t believe that Brexit is going to hurt our small and medium size exporters you will after reading this. A lot of companies will go to the wall and jobs will go with them.

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The Brexiteers probably think that the Fishing industry contributes more than the Financial Services industry to the UK’s GDP… reality is that Fishing industry is worth about 0.4% GDP… whereas financial services is worth about 7% GDP.

Not that Fishing will benefit from Brexit either…

… if we leave both the customs union and single market. It is possible, though not guaranteed, that we could negotiate a zero-tariff arrangement as part of a trade deal, but that still leaves a host of problems. Outside the customs union, fish products will face rules-of-origin requirements - a particular problem for the processing industry, which imports fish from outside the EU and then exports its products into it. If those products are disqualified from the EU’s tariff liberalisation, much of the industry could become unviable.

As for the single market, not only will fish products face new non-tariff barriers, such as labelling, but they will need to undergo border checks when entering the EU. At the moment Calais does not have the necessary inspection posts. Even if it builds some during the transition period, fish exporters could find that their products get stuck in daily tailbacks - a disaster for an industry which depends on rapid transport and freshness of its goods.

This problem will also not be resolved by signing up for a Norway-type solution. The EEA specifically excludes agriculture and fisheries, and the UK and EU will have to negotiate a bespoke fisheries agreement under brutal time constraints.

We concentrate a lot on fishing itself. Fish processing is somewhat less romantic. It does, however, account for around 75% of the sector’s economic output. Crucially, it also employs around 14,000 people from the EU. Most of these workers would fall into May’s hated ‘low-skilled’ bracket and it is unclear how the government plans to persuade all these people to remain or hire new workers to replace them.

There’s more. While we export the bulk of our fish to the EU, the majority of the fish we import comes from outside it, in particular Norway and Iceland. This includes 90% of our cod. British importers are therefore less exposed to Brexit than exporters. While a bad Brexit will therefore not much affect the fish on our dinner tables, it could prove fatal to our fishing communities. It’s again a question of asymmetrical power: if things go wrong the EU can debilitate our export trade by imposing steep tariffs and other barriers, but because we don’t buy much from them, we can’t retaliate. Who will be British fishing’s answer to the fabled German car manufacturers begging the government to give the EU a good deal?

Then we have the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) itself. The CFP has become Brexit’s whipping-boy - the EU child that not even devoted europhiles can publicly bring themselves to love. And it is true that the CFP has given fishers a raw deal in many ways. But, as so frequently in this debate, the real culprit is the UK government, not the EU - and there is no utopia waiting for when we leave.


Farage: hypocrite and racist…

He hands me the form. It makes for fascinating reading. In 1993, along with backing British withdrawal from the EU, prospective members had to be sympathetic to the following: “It is a non-sectarian, non-racist party with no prejudices against foreigners or lawful minorities of any kind. It does not recognise the legitimacy of the European parliament and will send representatives only to the British parliament in Westminster.”
“They got rid of all that after I left,” says Sked, who resigned the leadership shortly after the 1997 general election. He claims that the tolerant, liberal and democratic party he founded was taken over by rightwingers and that, outgunned and outmanoeuvred by Farage and other leading figures after that election, he had no alternative but to quit.
“They took out the bit about no prejudices against lawful minorities and, as soon as I disappeared, they all decided they wanted to go to the European parliament and take their expenses.”

But those changes alone don’t make 2014 Ukip racist, do they? “The de facto leader of Ukip since 1999 has been a racist political failure,” Sked counters. He means, of course, Nigel Farage. But even if Farage’s recent statements about not wanting to live next door to Romanians suggest he is xenophobic, is there any proof he was racist when he and Sked worked together in the mid-1990s? Sked laughs at the question and recalls an incident from 1997 when the two men were arguing over the kind of candidates that Ukip should have standing at the looming general election. “He wanted ex-National Front candidates to run and I said, ‘I’m not sure about that,’ and he said,
‘There’s no need to worry about the nigger vote. The nig-nogs will never vote for us.’”



I remember reading that article JW.

One of the reasons Farage is dangerous is precisely because he is careful not to make public statements of an overtly racist nature. His tactic is to keep on the right side of the law, but only just. All the clues are there and those who are racist and xenophobic can pick them up and recognise that Farage is one of their own. Johnson is just the same. His “letterbox” comment was directed not so much at muslims but rather at the very high proportion of Tory party members who are islamophobic. In this respect Farage is much brighter than The Groper who, I read yesterday really hates to be publically called out as a racist even though it has been crystal clear over decades that he is. The article I read said that the reason The Groper resents being called out as a racist is that he does rely on a small percentage of black, asian and hispanic voters to bolster his voter numbers. It defeats me as to why any black or hispanic person would vote for him at all but there is no accounting for some folk.

One theory of mine is that both The Groper’s and Johnson’s main problem is not so much skin tone but mostly about class. Rich black and Asian people are OK as far as they are concerned, I reckon. Patel and Khan are weathy and right wing and also provide good cover.

The likes of some of our departed friends like RAFT, Grumpy Grandad and BM1 also got very shirty when we discussed the weaponisation of race in the Brexit campaign. Funny thing, that! Racists dislike being labelled as such, even if its true, just like The Groper.


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So don’t vote for him … not hard is it ?

Problem is you seek to silence anything that goes against your principles … who do you think you are?
You don’t like farage… ok … others do
You don’t like trump … well some people voted for him otherwise he wouldn’t be in office.
You don’t like the brexit referendum result… a Majority of those who voted do …
can you see a pattern here ??

Sorry everyone else is wrong of course … my mistake …


Waiting …,


I wouldn’t vote for either The Groper or Farage precisely because I am anti-racist. And you Fynne?

Frog in a tree


You are right @fynne… however not everyone bothers to read around either the subject matter or to understand what values and type of person they are voting for.

I’m just using my democratic right to detail facts… complete with sources about what he is.

Far from trying to silence anyone… this is a Discussion board… and you and anyone else is both able and welcome to post.

It isn’t about being right or wrong… it’s about being enlightened so you don’t make the same mistake next time… both at the forthcoming 2019 Election and at next year’s #BrexitRef2.