Brexit Wars 3



I would have voted for trump purely because I couldn’t have voted for Clinton
It was either/ or … like him or not Trump won and I can respect that … you can’t


LOL … enlightened as long as it agrees with you .
You guys act like some sort of moral police … why do you think only you are right … why is another persons choice wrong … oh yeah sorry… because clearly you’re more intelligent and “enlightened” what a load of self important tosh :joy:


I simply couldn’t vote for a racist. It is a red line for me. Obviously you could. That was up to you. I don’t have to respect your position.



I think companies like that will simply drop their 20% business with the EU. Customers there will buy other products and not really feel the pain. It will hard to regain market share once it has been lost.

It’s all titled “fuck business”


Only because the USA has that outdated electoral system where they send chosen electors as a proxy to Washington - presumably by horse or carriage. They should have adopted a modern system long ago and Trump would not be president, because as a simple fact, he had no majority.


Because of discussing facts that shape reality. That’s something you could try too.


We live in dangerous times. It reminds me of 1930’s and 40’s Germany when many must have been content to nod Hitler into power for the sake of their nationalistic beliefs. Many may have been uncomfortable with the way their Jewish neighbours were treated but accepted it as the price that had to be paid “for the good of Germany”. We seem to have many among us today that similarly compromise their own values.

Fynne is a good example.

Frog in a tree


Moral police most of the campaign was so obvious it doesn’t need much police work…
Pity people were so blind we wouldn’t be in this mess


Worth looking at this again… especially with LEAVE admitting they admired the Nazi tactics


After the Telegraph fiddling that Poll I found this one which of the most useful I have ever seen,

Its on twitter so hope you can see it…


They said: “It will not be so bad. He is saying these things only to get attention. He will calm down once he became chancellor.”

Others said, it was all there in “Mein Kampf” years before and everybody could have known in advance. That’s the part where history repeats itself.

It’s better to take politicians literally. If a future PM says “fuck business”, he most likely means “fuck business”.


As I’ve said @fynne… though you keep shifting ground… you are perfectly able and welcome to post… no one is silencing anyone… and it’s not about right or wrong necessarily.

The only person… thus far today… who’s tried to close down discussion is yourself.
If you simply want to remain ignorant, not read anything that might challenge your own current views on things or indeed present alternative facts supporting whatever your view is… then that’s entirely up to you.


It more reminds me of this…


Hammond’s back…

Boris Johnson risks betraying the EU referendum result by allowing “unelected people” intent on wrecking any chance of a deal to “pull the strings” of his government, Philip Hammond is warning.

In his first intervention since resigning as chancellor, Mr Hammond accuses Dominic Cummings, Mr Johnson’s most senior aide, of attempting to force through a no-deal Brexit by making demands that Brussels “cannot, and will not, accede to”.

Writing in The Times he claims that the suggestion from Brexiteers such as Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, that Leave voters were informed before the referendum of the risks of a hard exit is “a total travesty of the truth”.

He says that there is neither a public nor parliamentary mandate for no-deal and warns the prime…



The system in the USA is what they work with … and Trump won … you clearly don’t like it but it’s not your choice… is it ?
But of course the way leaders of the EU are elected is much more “democratic” ? … well possibly in your eyes.??
You mock the outdated USA yet the EU move to Strasbourg once a month (at great expense) just to appease the French …
sound like double standards to me …
Oh yeah sorry I forgot again … as your far more intelligent and “enlightened” your right and my opinions don’t count


would really like brexiter comments on…

Telegraph took a COMRES poll changed the question from
If there no other option. would you want NO DEAL ?
do you want NO DEAL ?
and removed dont knows to make a poll 43% to 53%

surely they dont think Brexiters are that gullible ??


In other words you are calling him wrong :slight_smile:


If that’s how you want to interpret it by reading facts, figures and content from quoted sources… so be it.


Not at all, but why you criticize the EU and not the USA for their democratic deficit?


Unfortunately your opinion counts. It’s a problem when education improves slower than democratic standards. The morons use their democratic power to overthrow democracy by electing demagogues into office: USA, Brasil, Italy, Hungary, Poland, UK… all the same breed.

The Renaissance of the politician that lives from hate, division, envy, hypocrisy, bigotry… I just don’t understand why people believe that makes their lives better. Perhaps they don’t even believe that. Perhaps it’s just the joy of destruction.