Brexit Wars 3



That’s the good thing about you fynne, you are so wrong about everything that it provides confirmation to us superior beings that we are right.




Err it was in response to your criticism of the USA’s “outdated” election process … I was merely pointing out that others are also imperfect?

Unfortunately it does …

And confirmation of how far up your own ass most of you are.
Pompous and self opinionated … imo of course :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hammond for Prime Minister!

Looks like the grown up politicians in the Conservative Party have had their summer break and have had enough of Johnson, his pet monkey Cummings and the small cabal of far right wing nutjobs that are propping up this facade of a Government.

Hats off also to Speaker Bercow who has vowed to stop Johnson in his tracks.

Doris is starting to look worried and confused now. He’s boxed himself into a corner and hasn’t a clue what to do next.





57% of Americans think that The Groper is a white supremacist or encourages it.

As a supporter of The Groper, Fynne, I would be interested to know what you think.

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For me, preferably McDonnell for PM. Of course it’ll never happen. Hammond is just another right-wing twat on the other side of the Brexit fence who’s just as responsible for our increasingly divided society & all the broken, homeless citizens on our streets, as any other Tory.

I wish I could share in the optimism of others here. But, IMO, PM Johnson, who’s either found a magic money tree, but more likely just knows he can make any number of pre-election bribes & get away without delivering most of them, is almost certain to call a GE for autumn before he’s badly found out. With sentiment still very much on his side & a poor opposition in Corbyn, that may give him just enough steam to win a small, but still increased working majority in Parliament.

As things stand, without new Parliamentary legislation being passed very soon, we can still very easily see a hard Brexit on 31st October. There’s actually nothing in our legislation that can stop it. The FTSE seems to be pricing in this harsh reality. - Regards.


Yes agreed. But we all knew as soon as the timetable for the Tory PM battle was announced that absolutely nothing would happen until they return in early September (not that much was happening for months prior to that)… once we get into September that’s when the game will play out.
That is when legislation will be altered to force an extension to Article 50… and it will be set out beyond this year’s General Election.


But right now my enemy’s enemy is my friend,




Hi JW,

Hopefully you’ll be proven right on this for a number of reasons. As most of us know, a No Deal has nothing to do with majority democratic consensus. But everything to do with a fairly small, but very powerful right-wing cabal who want to impose a deregulated, increasingly privatised US-style economy & are selling this BS as a VG thing to a significant number of extremely gullible, unquestioning assorted dreamers, xenophobes, racists & nationalists. Others are simply pig-ignorant about most of the likely consequences for them & the wider economy. But as this recent BBC article clarifies, time is of the essence.

OT: What a depressing hole UK is becoming. Today I just read a report that in my home town, Newcastle, Staffs, which tends to be busy most days & nights, an elderly Rastafarian busker is being attacked almost daily over the summer holidays by a group of 8 to 12 years olds. These imbecile children (& just imagine what their parents will be like!) reportedly abuse him & take running jumps at kicking his guitar. The extremely tolerant busker apparently tries to reason with them, but to no avail. From what little I’ve read, no-one else seriously intervenes. They probably daren’t & many others perhaps simply don’t care.

What a cesspit! Many other UK towns are probably little different today. Perhaps a hard Brexit & a severe economic downturn is all that this stink-hole deserves. That’s despite a good proportion of decent citizens as well. At least many of the latter could consider moving abroad to hopefully more enlightened places. - Regards.


Good post that Jack.




Len McCluskey on WATO was saying that once the UK has left the EU that the risk of Labour supporters voting LibDem will fade away. He has another thing coming. I shall continue to vote LibDem in order to contribute to an effort to bring Corbyn down as party leader. He has been a disaster and should have been able to mop up against such a poor Tory government by recognising that Labour is best positioned as an internationalist pro-EU party. I think many others will continue to vote against Corbyn for similar reasons.

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Yes… there’s plenty of depressing things like that about in the UK. I thought that the trailer for ‘Idiocracy’ I posted recently is not far off the mark.
This very board used to be choc full of people (some who are still around) who were posting how immigrants were pouring into the UK and causing trouble on the streets of the UK… yet by a long way… most of the issues of are caused by UK families (mainly white) who have little or no control over their children and care even less… and it is them that outbreed everyone else to create the next generation who’ll do the same.

Not that this effect is necessarily directly attributable to Brexit… but everything that makes the UK less well off then exacerbates the problems for the poorest groups in society and that is where most of the issues are.

Some, like Fynne, will simply leave the UK… first taking advantage of the EU’s free movement… and then vote to make the UK poorer from afar.
As ever, noone appears to have voted to leave the EU to make the UK wealthier, have higher standards or generally make things better… all appear to have done it out of spite, hate and simple ignorance.


You will have to wait 6 weeks to find how the Labour Party modify their policy.
The Labour Party isn’t a dictatorship… they are simply following the policy set last year at their last Conference.

There is no question that they will be anti-No Deal… they already are… I’m sure the Conference will insist that this is taken off the table.
They are highly likely to adopt a policy of insisting on #BrexitRef2 to approve any future Deal… we will have to see.
Whether they, as a Party continue to promote leaving the EU under a customs arrangement… we will have to see… personally I suspect that they will.

It matters not… we just need the promise of #BrexitRef2.



I very much agree with your post about the social ills affects our society. I am a primary school governor in several schools. One of these is a school with around 97% children of Pakistani muslim descent. Their parents are not rich but generally own their own homes, predominently modest terraced houses. Mostly the fathers work for a living as do many of the mums. There is a fair amount of deprivation which we can measure by the number of pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium support. Guess what? These children are well behaved and attain very well in their SATs, well in excess of national averages. The school, of course, has outstanding leadership.

Another of my governorships is in a Council estate school which I have joined recently. Although only three miles away for the first school it is a world away in other respects. Few parents own their homes and many are unemployed and there are problems with drugs, alcohol and generally disorderly lives and…getting up in the morning. Around 95% of the children are white. Deprivation is high and SATs attainment is low. Predictably, the quality of mangement at this school is mediocre and there are difficulties in recruiting good staff.

Both of these communities have experienced the disappearance of traditional industries but it is notable that the Asian community has adapted to work in other sectors. They encourage their children to learn and support the school. The white children, on the whole, do not get such good support even if they are loved by their parents.

As a society we have not done enough to promote education and vocational training in white working class areas. To some extent this level of hopelessness may explain some of the support for Brexit and the taunting of the rastafarian busker.

I do not despair. I know that we can improve these children’s life chances through good education which can only be delivered with capable and motivated managers.


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Haha … do you not see that from whichever “side” these people are coming from they all only have their own personal interests at heart.
Do you not think that if the libdems ever got into power that they would not suddenly start pushing their own agenda?

There has always been freedom of movement… as long as you can afford it … it’s nothing new and not a privilege specifically to the EU.
Dump your communist ideals and start looking after no1 because no one else will.
… answer me one question please … as this is a share trading site … if you buy shares in a company, the price goes up and you sell … tell me from where that profit has come?


…do you not see that from whichever “side” these people are coming from they all only have their own personal interests at heart. Do you not think that if the libdems ever got into power that they would not suddenly start pushing their own agenda?

Gosh Fynne! I never thought you capable of such profound insights!


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I agree with your first bit; you certainly have to look after yourself first.
I’m not sure I have any communist ideals. I do think that some industries are best nationalised rather than a false market/false competitiveness be created.

The profit ultimately comes from the company you invested in innovating and exploiting risks. They also have to do that either first, better or more efficiently than other outfits to keep profits flowing.

I’m not sure if that’s what you were expecting to hear?


Well not many countries allow you to stay for over 3 months on a tourist visa.


Same here… I don’t despair either… it can be relatively easily changed if we ever got a Party elected with some radical policies.
The whole process of keeping poor people in their place… and poor… starts with the shite education and schools that are thrust upon them.
Only those with money have choice and ability to change things for their offspring.
It is a system designed to the advantage of those with money… the more money you have… the better education you have.

Creating a secular education system and ceasing the part funding of private schools would be a good place to start.


Ideally from the company’s r&d, products, markets generating profit, increasing the eps and finally the stock price. Or is your school of thought that of Trump that one person’s advantage is the others disadvantage? You can only win if somebody else loses?


But not for ordinary working people. Such as the builders and joiners that used to get work in Germany and Holland when there was a downturn in the UK, especially the North East. Or the Eastern Europeans that came here to do the hard graft the indigenous would not do and who are so despised by the Brexiteer yobs. One thing is for sure, they are doing a lot more for Britain than you who is just slobbing about on a foreign beach boring the locals to death.