Brexit Wars 3



As if we needed any more bad news for the biggest part of the economy already moving to Franfurt Amsterdam Dublin etc because of Brexit…
Chinese Indians and USA will be falling over to buy our banking services ?

Not on the news or in the Sun,Mail,Express . Imagine if a migrant had been caught fiddling 250 quid in housing benefit .

British bankers on trial in Germany charged with €447m fraud


In this never ending rocky horror show how about… Mrs May!

She is brought back as a strong and stable alternative to Johnson. She reinstates all the Tory rebel MPs . She reforms her old Cabinet including Hammond as Chancellor. In an act of mercy and forgiveness she reappoints Johnson as Foreign Secretary.

A six month A50 extension is agreed. Then she travels to Brussels to try and renegotiate the Backstop…

And things return to normal.





I think it’d be a close call between those 3 & Larry, Number 10’s cat. Not sure if latter is a Remainer or Brexiteer, but I’d wager he’d do no worse a job than the 3 lying toads mentioned.

Jesting aside, I strongly agree that by rights Boris Johnson should resign as his position would seem untenable. OTOH, this is Boris Johnson we’re talking about. Integrity seems in very short supply, but instincts for self-advancement are acute. No doubt Cummings will advise him accordingly.

IMO, Johnson may well try to play on the idea that as his hand has been forced by a Parliament that really wants to derail Brexit, he’s been most reluctantly compelled to request an extension. He goes to Brussels under duress. Later, he uses that drama in a GE as yet another reason why the people must give him a majority so that he can fulfil their majority will. This wouldn’t surprise me.

If however Johnson did resign, it’s a pity that he’s the Speaker of the HoC as the commanding John Bercow might have made a more than useful PM in these times of crisis. - Regards.


i wish it was “leave my country”


With a good lawyer I expect they’d get off with manslaughter by joint enterprise!

However it’s a bit a waste letting BoJo die in a ditch…he should be made to take the place of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe in an Iranian prison (although he might like it in a woman’s prison)…he would have to wear a niqab of course (both poetic irony and to hide his offensive mug).


Justifiable homicide maybe?

Mercy killing?

Self defence?

Plenty of options.




Mmm… well it is now 100% that it will be illegal to force a No Deal exit given news from HoL.

Given he has said he’d rather be dead than to request an extension of the EU and that he plain wouldn’t do it… he’s going to look a total arse if he then does do it but under duress.

However, I hope I am wrong and that Johnson remains as PM for the forthcoming GE. He’s already damaged goods.


All from an excess immigration matter.
Unbelievable greed and stupidity abounds.
“Those who the Gods wish to destroy they.first make mad”
Investing in a solid foundation lets stand back and watch the carnage.


Too many of the wrong type of people immigrating to UK @rossx48 ?



You found that link yet?

I asked you to show us the link to the comment you made about Irish politicians and use of bonded warehouses… this one:
“Read what the Irish politicians are proposing it’s a form of bonded warehouses
This not difficult to understand I do despair of those with such biased views”


wrong type ?? color religion working skilled ??




Still waiting for @rossx48 to explain what he meant… we can only assume.


Hey John - whilst you’re on hols, you probably have a bit of time to answer what you meant when you were talking about immigration and why you voted to Leave the EU… remember you were asked:

Whilst there are many potential improvements that could be made to the UK immigration system… you have failed to state any reason why it could not be done whilst the UK is still in the EU… and could not have been implemented at any point over the last few years.

So… why is that a reason for leaving the EU?

You also mentioned EU “uncontrolled” immigration.
I assume you are referring to the large numbers of migrants in their exodus from Africa, the Middle East (esp. Iraq and Libya) and placed like Afghanistan (to name some of the main sources).

Tell me what you think would be happening if there was no EU and no Schengen system (for those states that signed up to it)?
Do you think that the migrant crisis would magically have not happened?

There would still be boats coming to the shores of Greece and Italy… they would still be passing through those countries, there would still be some states trying to block them, some trying to help as much as they could and some hurrying them through as quick as they could.
There would still be lorries coming to English ports with migrants (from non-EU countries) trying to get in… IN or OUT of the EU.

So… again… do explain how the UK being outside of the EU is going to help stop such migrants (ie. asylum seekers and illegal migrants) from trying to get into the UK?
You think there’s be less trying to get to the UK if the EU didn’t exist?


Economic migrants don’t need “a type” ??
I know you guys like to constantly push the racist card but only because it suits your agenda.
Reality is any major increase in population will cause pressures on infrastructure.
Simple economics…
no doubt Pete will now post some white supremacy crap


@fynne the question was addressed to Ross (still waiting…) but maybe you can explain what he meant?

All “economic migrants” are a bad thing?

Illegal migrants are… we would all agree on that.


If we stopped freedom of movement on 31st October (which was suggested by BoJo’s government) the country would struggle because we don’t have enough lorry drivers…and guess what…the UK government hasn’t been training any extra!!

If we put up barriers to EU lorry drivers they will simply work in Germany, Spain or France. Already the weakness of the £ makes it difficult to attract workers here.


Not at all, they add to the country and it’s economy
Too many, too quickly have put pressure on areas like housing
The fact that a high proportion are young and now having children affects schools, hospitals etc
It’s pure logistics that will have an effect on infrastructure.
Everything needs an element of control … economic migration isn’t exempt … imo


It was a short term benefit exploited by business without any consideration for the longer term affects
I have no doubt that it would (given time) sort itself out … however, if it had been managed better migration would be more sustainable.
Not everything the EU does works ?


I’m not sure I agree with all that but I do agree that inside or outside the EU that the UK needs to control immigration… but how does exiting the EU stop any of the issues you refer to?

The vast bulk of people who legally immigrate to UK are from non-EU states and almost all the illegal immigrants are from non-EU states.

Further, the UK has always been able to restrict further those coming from EU states as since 2006, the Free Movement Directive (EU Directive 2004/38/EC) has given us exactly the control over immigration that most… maybe like yourself want. The UK has CHOSEN never to implement it.
ie. “Where admission is permitted, an EU citizen may remain in the UK for up to three months from the date of entry, provided they do not become a burden on the social assistance system of the UK.
If an EU citizen does not meet one of the requirements for residence set out in the Directive [employed, self-employed, self-sufficient, student] then they will not have a right to reside in the UK and may be removed.”