Brexit Wars 3



I’m not sure I agree with all that but I do agree that inside or outside the EU that the UK needs to control immigration… but how does exiting the EU stop any of the issues you refer to?

The vast bulk of people who legally immigrate to UK are from non-EU states and almost all the illegal immigrants are from non-EU states.

Further, the UK has always been able to restrict further those coming from EU states as since 2006, the Free Movement Directive (EU Directive 2004/38/EC) has given us exactly the control over immigration that most… maybe like yourself want. The UK has CHOSEN never to implement it.
ie. “Where admission is permitted, an EU citizen may remain in the UK for up to three months from the date of entry, provided they do not become a burden on the social assistance system of the UK.
If an EU citizen does not meet one of the requirements for residence set out in the Directive [employed, self-employed, self-sufficient, student] then they will not have a right to reside in the UK and may be removed.”


yes true. that’s why we need a GOV to enforce EU laws eg must have job or 6 months resources. and support areas where workers are needed.
exploited by white supremacy tabloids on every newsstand in the UK. proud ?



just a Link to show why some are desperate to Leave quickly AND why so much money was ploughed into the Brexit Fraud


Why is it that every Brexiteer when questioned on their reasons for voting to Leave go quiet?

Almost as if they realise their reasons have been shown to be bollocks.


…or they are ashamed to tell the truth?



watch this YouTube vid on why there is a desperate rush to leave with No Deal and before Jan.
I didnt realise the ATAD was fully implemented then and moggy Banks et al will need to declare where all the I’ll gotten gains are and pay tax on it here.


Soros…perhaps this explains JAR’s attitude to him?

Frog in a tree


Classic. Glorious!

Sir Nicholas Soames debunking of the charlatans Johnson and Mogg in “The Times” interview:




Something I asked on another forum last night was this: I wonder what happens if Johnson simply refuses to seek an extension, ignores Parliament & yet he also doesn’t resign?

I know there’ll be attempted legal action by representatives of Parliament, but what happens if Johnson seeks to become some kind of Brexit martyr & the 31st of October passes whilst legal action is ongoing? - Regards.


15 Min without words of wisdom from the three stooges.


The opposition parties, the Tory rebels, the Speaker of the House and most notably the Attorney General will seek an injunction preventing a 31 October crash out and the Government to be forced to comply with Parliament’s edict to seek a A50 extension.

These things will be enforced by the Supreme Court in double quick time. No one law of the country can be ignored by any Government or all laws are undermined.

Johnson could be jailed in theory for contempt of Court or resign to campaign as a PM in exile on a platform of rabble - rousing.

My guess is that none of this will come about. I believe that the Cabinet and the majority of the remaining moderate MPs have just about had enough of Johnson already and it will be his own side which forces him out. Apart from his dwindling elderly support in the Conservative xenophobic shires and cab drivers his main support now is the ERG. As one Cabinet member has reportedly said “they should be thrown under a bus”.

There will be many twists and turns to com but for now everything is looking rosy for us in Remainerland.





I used to think that you were just a stupid plank but as you have revealed your admiration for Enoch Powell I reckon that you are a despicable, stupid plank.

The Gods sure did a good job on you.





Thanks. VG comment. But if Johnson sticks to his guns - mindful that by foolishly digging himself into such a deep hole on this matter, one wonders how he can do otherwise without resigning? - I think the sequence of events you describe may well be what we’re heading for.

Unprecedented times & sadly lacking real statesmanship. Without the latter, Lord only knows how this mess can be resolved without a 2nd Vote, if not at least an early GE. If it isn’t resolved, I share the view that it’ll almost certainly lead to the beginning of the end of the UK as we know it. Quote from link:

“Boris Johnson has insisted he would refuse to ask for an extension of the Brexit deadline even after the Commons passes legislation aimed at preventing no deal.

The Prime Minister said “I will not” ask the EU to push back the October 31 deadline, even if compelled by the law, which has been agreed by opposition parties and Tory rebels expelled from the party.”


Civil war. The Queen would be asked to get involved…and we know she would NOT be amused.

The danger is that BoJo is being advised by Cummings…who is ‘obviously’ a self-avowed anarchist, who has history of ignoring Parliament (and getting away with it).


The problem is that everything he says is a lie.

He also said yesterday that he would be going to Europe to get a deal before 31 October.

He has slipped into fantasy land and will simply have to go. And go down as the shortest lived and most useless PM of all time. It was always going to happen. If I am wrong then the country is a complete madhouse.

Meanwhile, Mrs May (remember her?) must be ecstatic!




The Tower of London…that would be poetic justice.

I wonder if Parliament would think about bringing back other forms of archaic punishment…just for this one special case :wink:


Or you’re just totally out of touch and “wrong”
I know it’s unthinkable (for you anyway) but just maybe?

I’d love to see remain do it … ratings would go through the roof … media would have a field day and Johnson would be hailed a hero.
Well maybe not in the “guardian” :joy:


Westlock / Eric

I reckon its down to boredom

Listen to the Man on the streets, everyone’s just fed up with this

All Politician’s ‘‘YES ALL’’ should hang their heads in shame IMHO

This country is now a laughing stock


I’m not sure ecstatic is the best description. She cannot be happy about the destruction of her party by a madman (Boris or Cummings or both…take your pick)…something she ‘probably’ know would happen.

Some journalists use the word ‘schadenfreude’

“Schadenfreude is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another.”


The “people without space” ideology is so 1930s.

An ageing population creates much more pressure, because infrastructure has to be maintained by the younger.