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Unless you opt out of course ? You do have an option … People still work more to than 48hrs



Thanks. VG comment & I much agree. Wider deregulation in a post-Brexit UK will almost certainly result in a gradual erosion of some workers rights & protections attained since EU membership. Whilst Johnson is either naive or simply lying with his claims to the contrary that all UK’s progressive gains of the past will be kept & even flourish further after Brexit, with the economy brimming with new opportunities for all, it’s been very clear for a while now that some ERG members have very contrary ideas. That includes giving major corporations more power to make UK a more attractive economy for cheaper labour.

I see UK’s economy becoming more like the US. I’ve read that’s working so wonderfully well for its citizens that suicide rates in US were up by 40% since 1999. A shocking 453,577 suicides recorded officially. Lord knows how many more suicides weren’t classified as such?

By & large, more egalitarian societies are far healthier, with happier populations. Easy to see why. If Brexit becomes a reality, most probably we’d be heading in the opposite direction. - Regards.


Is that how you “Europeans” see things … seriously :joy:


18th century was perhaps a bit too optimistic.


Why should he bother? All the time this fiasco goes on more British businesses move to France and the rest of the EU. Then eventually the UK main remain anyway and carry on paying its dues.

Macron is an Anglophile - his great grandfather was from Bristol. The idea that the EU hate the British and are trying to do them down is a lie that only fools believe. They are just nonplussed at the stupidity of British politicians and the Brexiteer yob mob voters.




“Power” plain n simple

They may pretend to be “nonplussed” but I’d bet money they’re not :face_with_monocle:


Only 3 Labour MPs voted for an early General Election. There will never be enough MPs to get any such motion over even the 50% mark, especially as Johnson has shot himself in the foot with this Proroguing malarkey. The way things are going under Johnson’s so -called leadership I expect there will be more defections and sackings from the Conservative ranks, reducing his votership even further.




shows in the 43years GDP graph. not rocket science.


had a talk to son in law.
likes bojo says we shld get on with it
blames corbyn for May’s deal being ditched.
said problem now is the EU and backstop.
I ask him. do you know what the backstop is…??
answer. The EU is making us have a hard border.
as i explain what the backstop really is he is on his phone googling the backstop.

it’s a worry.


Ask him if he knows what the EU is… or the Single Market.

Amber Rudd has now resigned from the Cabinet. It really is falling apart with this Tory Government.


She stood out like a sore thumb amongst the far right sycophants that BoJo has assembled. She was far too sensible to stay for long.

Jeremy Hunt next…maybe!!

The problem is that there won’t be anyone left in the cabinet with the moral backbone to stop BoJo/Cummings from doing something really stupid & reckless.


I saw that Rudd resigned, not only as a minister but also from the Conservative party in solidarity with the expelled MPs. Johnson is certainly shredding his party and losing some of its more able MPs. Interesting she said that she joined the Johnson cabinet as she believed that he was sincere about wanting to negotiate a deal…she no longer believes this. That is tantamount to saying that he lied to her, and presumably otherer like his own brother.

Driving home from France today, the driving in France was a dream and where there were works on the motorways they were kept short and the traffic kept moving at a decent speed. Once in England and off the tunnel, I found part of the M20 closed to traffic and a very long diversion in place taking us through Dover/A2/M2 wasting an hour of travelling time. There were two more serious problems on other roads. Give me Continental roads any day.

All the while it occurred to me that the Tories during the Thatcher years laid waste to a lot of our industry on the grounds that the future was in services, including finance. They are now dismantling parts of ouf services industry through Brexit. Even Corbyn couldn’t cause as much destruction!

Frog in a tree



“Far left”?



Well spotted…perhaps I was thinking of a Corbyn government!! :wink:


Yes, that’s probably even more shocking. The Tory party has been destroyed.

Hammond…Rudd…who’s next?

What are the odds on Therese May?!


Not a happy bunny


A man who is worried that his colleagues are going to ‘ditch’ him…perhaps!!


I told you so.

If a Referendum was held tomorrow Remain would win easily because of the demographic changes and people now seeing that Brexit is a pig in a poke. However, a General Election is a different animal. Johnson might win due to the Corbyn factor and the RW propaganda Press and the gullibility of the lowest common denominator English public.

But can he last until that election? The longer away it is the more chance of the realization that he is not competent to boil an egg by himself will become apparent. He’s not doing well by any measure so far to say the least. Its all a disaster for the Tory Party. Yet Cummings knows that the public are essentially ignorant and divisiveness in some phoney patriotic contest is a powerful tool. In politics it is all a numbers game, but has the cockroach revolutionary got his sums right?

If the General Election can be put off well into November the second law of thermodynamics may have kicked in: British politics returning to the mean over time like everything else in the universe. Just perhaps the average Joe and Joess will be looking to support moderates by then? If not this time in these turbulent days they will in the medium term. I do however have complete faith in the certainty of Johnson being an abject failure as PM and it is panning out that way right now. Hypocrisy and lies in plain sight may be in fashion right now but fashions change. Also note that Johnson’s role model Trump is cracking up and his days are also numbered.





Cut daughter and him out of your will.




Or that the daughter’s inheritance will go to a cat sanctuary unless she divorces him or he has therapy!! (preferably both) :wink:


Pro-Brexit demonstrators were yelling “Anna Soubry is a nazi” at her at a demonstration in Westminster yesterday. Given that they are far right Brexiters it was them who were the nazis. Very clearly.

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