Brexit Wars 3



Pro-Brexit demonstrators were yelling “Anna Soubry is a nazi” at her at a demonstration in Westminster yesterday. Given that they are far right Brexiters it was them who were the nazis. Very clearly.

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Well I’m not prejudiced. I mean some Brexiteers are OK individually, its just that there are so many of them. The older ones are the real problem, swamping our seaside and northern towns and living off benefits. The younger ones in work aren’t so bad but they need to learn how to integrate into our modern, liberal society. I wouldn’t allow my daughter (if I had one) to marry one of them and I’d be mortified if one moved in next door. I hear that in some towns there are entire streets full of them!




I’ve heard they congregate outside Weatherspoon pubs…shouting "Bring back Codpieces’ (or something similar)…could also be in the ‘hope’ of a free pint from Tim Martin for Brexiteers (they have to be branded with ‘I Love Farage’ to qualify) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Chancellor Javid speaking today, quote: ”The law talks about October 19th in case there is no deal agreed… should we get to that position… of course we will obey the law.”

Moments later Javid follows: “The prime minister will go to the council meeting on the 17th and 18th. He’ll be trying to strike a deal. He absolutely will not be asking for an extension in that meeting… The bill talks about the 19th being an important date. And at that point we will consider our options. But our policy is clear, it is unchanged, we will be leaving on October 31st.”

Talk about unabashed, unequivocal contradiction. Questions one might ponder include, does perhaps Javid think the public are totally stupid? Is Javid himself stupid? Or is his head so far up the ERG’s backside that he’s simply parroting their script? - GLA.


Affirmative answers to all three.

Meanwhile, I see that Amber Rudd has been replaced by tubby trout Terese Coffey. No danger to Carrie there.

Coffey’s main claim to fame was her proposal that Pensioners should continue to pay National Insurance after they retired. This soon got knocked on the head as an election loser. But her appointment as Work and Pensions Minister indicates the sort of direction of travel by a Johnson Government.

She also supported the selling of of public owned forests and woods. This was also shot down in the face of opposition from every dog walker, jogger and bird watcher in the country.

Her vote against a law requiring landlords to only let out housing which was fit for human habitation (rather a low bar) was successful. She of course was one of the 72 MPs who voted against the bill who just happened to be landlords.

Anyway, I was wondering that if Johnson turns out to be a roaring success will he end up one day interred in Westminster Abbey? Or will it be in one of these where he winds up?






Who are the 3 stooges ?

In case you had not noticed this topic is titled Brexit Wars 3.If not interested in the content, simple solution, do not read it.
There are other topics relating to LLOY running, albeit quietly where there is discussion of LLOY more so than Brexit.
You can post on any of those.

You can also start yet another topic discussing LLOY if you wish.
Results out only recently,already there have been observations made, nothing much new to add really.

I suspect though that you are merely a troll and trying to create problems for both this thread and the ii board.




Brexit Wars 3 is still going strong having now clocked up 70,000 views.


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We do appear to have two Brexit threads running on the Lloyd’s Bill Board…

I do appreciate posters enjoy a good natter about Politics

Maybe Administration can merge them… this a share site and not speakers corner :slight_smile:


Maybe you havent noticed but with Trump and Brexit politics and economics are now indistinguishable.




Personally I see the ‘Everyday’ thread as somewhere to post information about the general economy (possibly Trump’s antics if they are germane to finance and the world economy)…obviously Brexit news is directly linked to the UK economy (IMO)…no matter how much we would wish otherwise. The ‘Brexit Wars 3’ debate is more concentrated on the Brexit ‘conversation’ (although that sometimes wanders ‘off topic’).

The ‘Everyday’ thread does sometimes become a Brexit debating chamber (because passions run high)…although generally it is secondary to ‘BW3’ and sometimes gets forgotten (or simply not used) for ages.

Brexit & the UK economy/sterling are relevant to LLOY…so to purge all Brexit debate & news from this forum would be a mistake (IMO).

I’m suddenly thinking of BoJo purging his party of ‘nasty’ Remain/NO ‘no’ deal MP’s…as if that will make the problem go away. Cue analogy of sticking one’s head in a bucket of sand.

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You are correct.
Buy Back had little consequence in supporting the SP would, in all reality, increase the DIV to any great extent.
However, the market is in full flight.
Time to follow the Warren Buffet path.


Yes …BOD to distribute surplus profit.
Could be significant.


Maybe that’s why 90% of posters have left this site


With 70,000 views BW3 is by far the most active thread on this site. Everyday… is also a top thread. Arguably they are both key in maintaining activity on the ii discussion boards. For those who don’t take an interest in Brexit discussions they are easy enough to avoid just as I avoid the many discussions on small oil companies.

As for the loss of users, the main reason for that was the mishandled remodelling of the platform last year. After recent changes, the discussions boards are very usable.


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Or maybe they got bored of you having nothing of any interest to say?

The old site was packed full of people talking about anything but shares.


I think some left due to the changes in the platform lay out.
Several had difficulty navigating it, including myself.
It is now OK

Maybe dumb threads such as “LLOY is going to fly” has put a few off.
Nothing of substance.

I doubt the discussion of Brexit and politics has put many decent posters off.
Both those subjects have a part to play in LLOY future prospects.
I quite like the BW3 thread, some interesting news and views, some good calls of how things might pan out.

Also more useful than talk of dividends against a LLOY sp price that has fallen in recent months by a far higher amount than the dividend.



Unsurprisingly, the Far Right is voting Tory.

Jailed far-right activist Tommy Robinson appears to have endorsed Boris Johnson as Britain’s prime minister.
The operators of Robinson’s official Telegram channel called on Sunday evening for supporters to “back Boris”.



Bit below the belt


Let’s all kick Lloyd’s shareholders while they are down


Nothing happened in Dublin today

Varadkar didn’t give any ground on the backstop today and Johnson emphasised the need to get a deal. In this, Johnson was appealing to those in his party who are sceptical about his intentions. I think that the markets saw today’s meeting in Dublin as a further nail in the coffin of “no deal”.

It is clear that Johnson has been stung by the resignations of Rudd and his brother Jo. He is now faced with the same balancing act that May had to deal with which is to try and placate both hard-line Brexiter nutjobs and Remain/soft Brexit Tories. It will be an impossible task and most likely will lead to his downfall. His employment of Cummings complicates the situation and seems to be counterproductive to good party management. He really ought to sack Cummings.


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