Brexit Wars 3



lol :joy: … well nothing of the sort of substance you’re looking for.
Boris confirmed he will not implement a hard border.
But he should keep anything else quiet until parliament is prorogued.
Negotiations are taking place all the time, why is it that think you should be getting a constant drip feed of every last quip or comment?
When (if) a deal is reached THEN you’ll get to hear about it.
Jeez you guys are getting desperate :jack_o_lantern:


and just to add … the prime minister of Ireland doesn’t have the power or authority to negotiate brexit !!
He has relinquished that responsibility to his masters in the EU … :jack_o_lantern:


The EU have said they will be happy when Eire is. So you are wrong yet again.




I just posted this on the ridiculously named “Lloyds is going to fly thread”. It is so good that its deserves also to be on this page of record:

Following the “logic” of Cummings having got Johnson to sack the Remain/soft deal backing Tory MPs the next move could be to settle for an all Ireland Backstop only. This would mean big opposition from the DUP. But so what? I doubt if Johnson or Cummings give a fig for Northern Ireland. The the ERG MPs would also play up but has we know Cummings hates them as being “narcissists and fantasists” so would be happy for Johnson to replace them also with Johnson supporters. Once that is done Johnson will go for a general election with a “united” Johnsonsonian Conservative candidate list and having delivered Brexit.

As Cummings said last week the cull of MPs who voted against Johnson was “only the beginning”.

On the other hand they could be just making it up as they go along.




No they are not.




Meetings twice a week but I’m sure people still talk to each other occasionally!
Anyway parliament is to be suspended from tonight so you guys will have to bluster on for a few weeks :joy:



Chief UK negotiator Frost turned up the other day in Brussels with no proposals and just drank tea. Amber Rudd and numerous EU officials and politicians have confirmed this state of affairs.




Never spoke to anyone then … not even the tea lady (am I allowed to say tea lady… just checking)
Buns if you believe that … you are an idiot!!


As I said the UK has submitted NO new proposals of any kind. Your silly abuse cannot alter that fact.




worth posting this again…
Our PM would rather “die in ditch” “shutdown parliament” “Break the Law” “split the Tory Party” than delay past 31OCT date.
After any deal we transition and comply with EU law 2 months so takes us to December.
Any delay take us into January.
The Anti Tax Avoidance Directive ATAD is implemented in January.
Means that Hedge Fund managers, Bankers, Billionaire Brexit/ Tory backers eg Powerful rich ppl have to disclose by law where all their offshore Bank accounts and investments are.

2 links below the YouTube one long but good… DYOR


[quote=“petethenovice, post:20904, topic:1145436”]
worth posting this again

Not surprising there are 20k posts on this thread …


Pity you have no answers for many as you’ve been conned


So brexit is all about tax evasion… and 17million voters were all conned by the media … seriously?


I will try this slowly
Rich ppl own the Media and Fund Tory party…
Up until the ATAD they had a cosy arrangement they gave the Tories money the Tories let them pay Tax in Bermuda Cayman Belize etc
ATAD means they have to tell authorities where they have investments and money hidden.
I am thinking some will be caught for Evasion as well.

So those rich PPL gave £mills to BREXIT via the Likes of Arron banks.
The Brexit campaign told you Brexiters that .
We could give £350mill a week to the NHS
Turkey IS joining the EU
We cant stop an EU Army
EU migrants are stealing all the jobs in the UK from white people and claiming benefits at the same time…
Probably a few Brexiters didn’t believe the lies and thought they were being patriotic others seem to muddle the EU with Pakistani councils in north England.
point is the vast majority believed headlines lies and didn’t know much about the EU a lot still dont…
Massive Fraud and we need another vote asap


Excellent summation Pete of how the British dumbasses were duped.




Sad to hear of John Bercow leaving his position as Speaker of the HoC on 31st October. He’s been most distinguished in the role. Despite being a Tory, he invariably stayed objective throughout some very difficult times. No easy feat. He also certainly made Parliamentary debates more entertaining & lively. The Tory (far) right-wing will no doubt be glad he’s going. But I imagine most other observers will miss his input. I know I will.


A lot less volatile …to the " shagrin" of trading.
Slow and steady is the word now.


standing ovation for Bercow but only on the opposition benches … says it all about the ERG party


After the Thatcher years, the Tories were referred to as the “Nasty” party. A number of Conservatives spent years trying to get rid of that moniker. The ERG seems to be trying to get the label back quite successfully.


Its “Chagrin”. ffs.