Brexit Wars 3



Its “Chagrin”. ffs.




Don’t you think" shag" is much more expressive in trading…and its future without the
“give away” / "up & down " Buy Back.
What What ? Old Boy.


Well I’ve been trading it up and down today and made money same as most days. There is no conflict between holding shares and trading short and long with other positions. Its a market that we are in.




The “man” has offered great advise about EU banks in NY.
And went over …well


Its “advice”. Are you foreign?




good luck Bojo etc need a buckload more lies now…

A law that would stop the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal has been given Royal Assent. House of Lords Speaker Lord Fowler confirmed a bill aimed at blocking a ‘no-deal’ Brexit on 31 October has become law after the Queen gave final approval to the legislation. The step, known as Royal Assent, effectively rubber-stamps the law that was passed through parliament last week by an alliance of cross-party MPs. Known as the Benn-Bill, it would extend the Brexit deadline until 31 January 2020 if no deal is agreed with the EU by 19 October.

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Really? When was a british delegation last time in Brussels?

There is already a deal. Johnson doesn’t like it, but what are his suggestions? None. Does he even want a deal? It doesn’t look like.


The EU would be ok with only NI remaining in the customs union. Is that somehow realistic?


Is that a serious question? :see_no_evil:


Actually, only if it is the kind of legislation that becomes immediately effective without national ratification. I don’t know it is. The EU usually allows a couple of years for member countries to make their national legislation compatible.

But yes, at some point the UK would have to conform.


wasn’t that what the EU suggested eg Border checks at Irish Ports n Airports but the DUP said no…


DM, Express, Sun? Did they discuss the matters in a balanced, informed and intelligent way? no way. Who owns these crap papers? Who reads them? Who voted for Brexit?


I don’t know, but since the extremists don’t want the whole UK to stay and have no other suggestion. Additionally considering that they give shit about NI and Scotland…

yes, could be a serious question…


Well at least someone is discussing it as what is 100% certain is that Northern Ireland cannot both remain in commercial union with Ireland whilst being under WTO arrangements with the UK.
To suggest otherwise shows a basic lack of understanding.


no its already law since 2016 the Jan 2020 is when we have to implement it…
means Mogg, Arron banks , Barclays, Rothermere Hargreaves, Odey etc have to give details of offshore accounts as I said wonder if any have been involved in dodgy dealing


Arsanias, it is a serious question. But having an Ireland only Backstop would effectively be throwing the DUP under a bus (which some may argue is where they belong). Some in the Conservative party wouldn’t be happy (Rees-Mogg & the ERG).

Johnson hasn’t got many ‘friends’…he hasn’t got many MP’s after last week. So to potentially lose the ERG & DUP is ‘probably’ a step too far even for BoJo/Cummings to contemplate.

If BoJo did put a revised May deal before Parliament (with the Backstop limited to Ireland) then he would have to rely on Labour MP’s to get it passed. Not impossible but a huge gamble (IMO). If he lost he really would be on his own.


It’s possible the UK just does nothing and risks an penalty, but the EU is very lax in that respect. We just have to look to Poland, Hungary and Italy. Not much happened since the EU started the proceedings.


Not sure but the ATAD is to be fully implemented by 2020 UK has been working on the implementation.
The Backstop keeps us under EU law so the only option for this cabal to have a NO DEAL regardless of the harm it would do…


I think the point @arsanias is making, is that some countries only pay “lip service” to eu rules
You should see H&S in action out here … :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Latest “law” has overstepped the mark
… “parliament” out of control
… you were warned where this was going
… but as long as we remain we’ll all be a happy family again … somehow “I don’t think so” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: