Brexit Wars 3



I guess you are talking about parliament wanting to know about NO DEAL report How dare they


what’s good for the goose is good for the gander

“Security clearance had been withdrawn from Ms Khan after she had been summoned to a meeting with the prime minister’s senior adviser and de facto chief of staff Dominic Cummings…At the meeting with Mr Cummings, Ms Khan handed over both her personal and work phones, and her phone logs were checked…However, there was no evidence that Ms Khan had been involved in leaking any sensitive government information…“a police officer stationed at the door of No 10 Downing Street escorted a woman (Ms Khan) from the front door to exit gates…””
The irony when Cummings (et al) cry about their human rights being breached!!


If there is a Brexit extension taking us to January meaning all the Brexit backers will have to comply with and disclose Offshore Tax accounts anyway.
We will see that the money men dont really care about Brexit and they will drop it like a stone.


But surely after Brexit ‘they’ could reverse any EU law ‘they’ didn’t like…such as offshore account transparency rules!?


I guess they could try but not so easy to reverse they things when it’s out in the open.
what party would propose…
Lets make it easier for our billionaires to keep offshore investments hidden


I remember posting about this stuff in late 2016. At that time, many were referring to the UK Finance industry being remodeled on the Singapore model! ie. low regulation and exploiting loopholes.

I think you have to remember that the EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Package (ATAP) is for businesses based or operating in EU states… it was a response to the OECD/G20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS).
The EU and many other countries around the world are also adopting these OECD inspired measures.

The UK has these Directives in our national law and they’ve been implemented according to a timetable… some is still to take effect.

Unfortunately, many of the details of this are never discussed in public… not that most would have a chance of understanding them anyway… the Media is far too concerned about fishing rights and the like… so dumbed down Brexit has become.

Whether the UK will take advantage… or abuse… any legislative freedom to relax some of these Directives now in national law… (of which ATAD is just one) in order to ‘improve the competitiveness’ of its tax regime… will be up to the UK Government in the event of a No Deal Brexit.


How many votes has the BoJo government lost now…five, six or more?

I’m not sure BoJo/Cummings understand this Leadership ‘game’…they are allowed to win…sometimes.

Perhaps he’s preparing to take over managing the English male football team, where losing is a badge of honour…and perfectly acceptable.


What a sick sight it was to see the slob Johnson slumped behind the despatch box last night arrogantly guffawing like Billy Bunter with his hand in a jar of jam. And next to him sat turncoat hypocrite Nicky Morgan sycophantically baying like a banshee in support of the toad.

In contrast was a marvellous speech by the urbane Dominic Cummings who is eloquent and to the point in every sentence. I did especially like his quip about Johnson typically being wrong about Cameron being responsible for Parliament sitting in September when in fact it was Blair who brought that in. Referring to Jonson’s jibe at Cameron as being a “girly swot” Mr Grieve said that must be because it contrasts with Johnson’s own “Manly idleness”.

It is a great shame that Speaker Bercow is going but hopefully the current Parliament will choose a proper successor such as Mr Grieve or Hillary Benn.




Wonder why Cummings via bojo is desperate to have an election before 31Oct
Is it because they think brexit will be success or failure??

on a car ferry to Spain then drive to Portugal. Lovely trip.


Is Cummings ready to ditch the DUP and try a deal with a border in the irish Sea.
I suppose he needs to weigh the brexit funders who want to dodge the ATAD against the DUP who they dont need now.

Will Eire agree to this if it is against the DUP and causes even more trouble?
Will the EU agree to let us become a Tax Dodgers island in any case ?



Whilst opinion polls may be wrong again - after all, they got it badly wrong prior to 2016’s Referendum & again in giving Theresa May a lead of about 20% before 2017’s GE - they suggest that, so far at least, Johnson’s popularity hasn’t started to wane. Post-Brexit, the more he’s put under scrutiny & found out to be an empty barrel, the more likely that’ll change. Hence their preference for a GE before 31/10. From the Tories angle, the sooner the better.

Last night in Parliament Johnson again pledged that he won’t ask for an extension under any circumstances. He’d already boxed himself into a tight corner long before, so no surprise he stuck to his guns. So unless he resigns by 19th October, his position as PM surely becomes untenable. So a snap GE still possible before 31/10. - Regards.


Pete will you ever stop whinging?
Holidaying in Scotland


maybe when somebody lists real benefit of leaving the EU that my kids .

ask some of the locals what they think of the english Gov
Cumming Bojo Farage


Personally I wouldn’t :flushed:


How is a GE before end of October still possible?


Yes… definitely use the words “English Government”…


People who are racist never consider themselves racist… do they @fynne and @rossx48 ?

In a police interview, Fuller, who has a British bulldog tattoo, denied being racist and said he could not remember what he had done.


lol … my wife was Scottish… and so (obviously) were my in-laws.
I’m actually being quite honest here so don’t take the pi££.
Many Scottish bear a deep and bitter resentment towards the English… it’s ingrained into them.
Some will never be happy till they have independence… regardless of the repercussions
In certain parts of Glasgow even speaking with an English accent is enough… I speak from experience btw


More evidence emerges today of the Queen being used as merely a puppet of politicians by rubber stamping their cronyism through our corrupt honours system.

Today, ex-PM May dished out some gongs to her ex-staff, supporters, friends and to someone who used to be good at cricket and beating up women (no not Johnson… Boycott).



We can agree on this one … honours system is shocking.