Brexit Wars 3



No mention of discussions till parliament prorogued … now only a day later suddenly there are negotiations!!! amazing
I was mocked (as usual) for suggesting that there would have been people talking… seems likely there was
Shame “parliament” cannot anal ise every last dot and comma for a few weeks :jack_o_lantern:


… Tom Watson showing how equally divided labour is :thinking:


A Scottish court has just declared that the proroguation of parliament was illegal.

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“Unlawful “ waiting to read more…


I’m not sure what ‘all Ireland’ means in the context of a backstop.
You could have a all-Ireland agrifood zone as part of a Northern Ireland-only backstop… which, as you say, is what the EU proposed a long time ago of which theTory Government said it was “a threat to the constitutional integrity of the UK”.

Seems we are going round in circles.


FWIW, “Illegal”, as reported by the BBC. An appeal is due on Tuesday.



Unlawful… sky news !

Very big difference in meaning… you’d think they could get it right !!!


These are the words of the ruling:

"In a summary of their findings, the Court of Session judges said they were unanimous in their belief that Mr Johnson’s decision to suspend was motivated by the “improper purpose of stymying Parliament”.
They added: “The Court will accordingly make an Order declaring that the Prime Minister’s advice to HM the Queen and the prorogation which followed thereon was unlawful and is thus null and of no effect.”
Their full judgment will be released on Friday."

Fynne, indeed the word used was “unlawful”. The political impact of the ruling is that the three judges found that the purpose of the suspension of parliament was for an improper purpose. This ruling may be reversed on appeal but we have to wait and see.



It looks like the matter will need to be decided at the UK’s Supreme Court


“Unlawful” the BBC headlines read, Fake News will always be rightfully called out…well done Fynne


What a strange world you live in carpet where you want to believe every liar and the lies they tell.

It is such a tragedy that there are so many like you.

Johnson is a liar. Period. He’s been rumbled. He is not fit to be in Number 10 or politics at all. In fact he should be deported back to New York where he was born.




straw clutched by gullible brexiters bit of a sad pattern .

Black’s Law Dictionary defines unlawful as “not authorized by law, illegal.” Illegal is defined as “forbidden by law, unlawful.” Semantically, there is a slight difference. It seems that something illegal is expressly proscribed by statute, and something unlawful is just not expressly authorized.


@GreyCarpet is concentrating his mind on the fact that the BBC site said “unlawful” whilst the Judges used the word "unlawful"and that @fynne called out the BBC’s fake news for using the word “unlawful”.

Well done for doing that.


We must not forget that the Anti-democratic Johnson government is in a pincer movement between today’s Scottish court ruling and the order by parliament that they must release documents and communications relating to the proroguation. If, as expected, these provide evidence that the proroguation was specifically designed to prevent debate and scrutiny in parliament then Johnson and his anti-democratic chums are in trouble.

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Not only is the anti-democratic Johnson government corrupt but they are also incompetent.

They are a leaky barrel of fools whose discussions of “sham” negotiations and emails and documents discussing the benefits of a proroguation of parliament in terms of shutting down the debate gets to be public knowledge. Anyone who works at senior levels in management should know that you have to be very careful about what you commit to writing, email and texts. A ship of fools!

Given that Cummings (and Goings) was the one who uttered the words about sham negotiations how dared he sack Sonia Khan on the basis of uproven suspicions?

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Surely lying to the Monarch with false advice is an offence deserving of imprisonment?

Its tantamount to treason.




Her Madge will not be amused…



andrea leadsom said cant release yellowhammer because “it would concern people”

can this get any more farcical .

gov split
parliament blocked
Gov report on effects of Brexit hidden
Gov wanting election before Brexit
Gov defeated on every vote since bojo came in.

surely even Brexit voters can see something stinks


Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve has said that if it is proved that the anti-democrat Johnson lied to the Queen to secure the proroguation he should resign. I would add that others too should go, including those in cabinet who were involved and in the know and also any civil servants who colluded or enabled this unlawful act.

It really feels like the skids are under brand Johnson. Polling data are being to show that the shine is wearing off. Johnson would do well to sack Cummings & Goings as he seems to be at the heart of all this direputable behaviour.

The only sensible course to resolve this mess to the put a three choice referendum to the people so that they can choose between Remain, May’s deal or close variant, or no deal.

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Hi Peter, not a whiff of anything smelly from where I’m viewing the proceedings , in fact it’s all gearing up beautifully for a People vs Establishment election, that’s the bit the remoaners always fail to see, they are making themselves redundant. Bojo is laughing and in the driving seat, Nigel has offered the hand of friendship today making the election result nailed on.
Have a good day x


Brexiteer’s are good at creating fake news …but not at identifying it:

Definition of unlawful:

1 : not lawful : illegal