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No Christmas card for Boris from Buck palace!!



“People v Establishment”? That’s how manipulative liars like Farage portray things to the mob. It is of course pure bunkum. But you know that anyway. Who are the People here? Nation is totally divided, with the balance of the argument reportedly gradually shifting towards Remain.

Few represent the “Establishment” more so than the privileged ilk like Rees-Mogg, IDS, Banks & co who want to increase their profits via a deregulated, low-tax US-style economy. The wider business & financial world, who some still mistake for the establishment, are really just the majority of professionals who patently know Brexit to be mostly a bad thing after due scrutiny.

Don’t get me wrong. Radical change is needed in UK. But it’s unlikely to come from a post-Brexit UK that loses its Union &, without the Scottish vote, falls under the dominance of right-wing governments. You want real change for ordinary citizens, then vote Corbyn. - Regards.


Hi Jack , respect you as a poster, but unfortunately your last suggestion to vote for the racist party leader that will bring the City to its knees says it all…



Thanks, but don’t always believe what’s printed in the biased, right-wing press. There are plenty of Jewish citizens who refute those allegations based on Corbyn’s actual overall record.

It’s no secret that I’d be prepared to take a temporary hit on my shares to see a proper democratic Socialist government finally given a chance in UK & the implementation of more egalitarian policies to redress current imbalances & injustices. Some values exceed financial interest alone. That said, I remain cautiously hedged with ample shorts prepared for almost any outcome over the coming weeks, including a Labour/SNP coalition government. - GL.


Candidate for the stupidest most blinkered post ever…
and when the Cummings LEAVE rhetoric now goes to elite Remainers surely most will see what a farce this is… and there is nothing left but lies and cheating… they only need to look at where the BREXIT money came from and its not from the people…



You really are as thick as two short planks Threadbare.

So explain the most recent of your stupid and highly boring posts… detail how Corbyn is racist… and let’s hear how a Labour Government will “bring the City to its knees“.
(And yes… well aware that some stocks have been, are and will be impacted… but if you have brains then you’d already have a plan or already implemented it for that).


Carpetman clearly is clueless and doesn’t understand that Brexit is the biggest threat to the City of London and its financial services. Significant damage has already been incurred since the referendum. Only Boneheads would be unaware.

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So obvious when this Law is to be enforced in January… so latest date to AVOID this law is 31OCT (2months transition under EU law)
LEAVE campaign Brexit party and Tories funded by many Billionaires who have to report in January, some might end up in jail…
So desperate attempts to stop discussion, information, Parliament, and have no deal by default is what is going on… huge risks being taken.
UK is NO 1 worldwide in tax havens and avoidance and high time it was stopped…


last reply to you bull just getting off the boat in Santander…
At the end of the day will ppl really vote for a Brexit MP just because he know loads of swearwords and farts loudl.
Tories are in a real mess…

Boris Johnson rules out election pact with Brexit Party. Senior Tory source: ‘Neither Nigel Farage not Arron Banks are fit and proper persons and they should never be allowed anywhere near government’


John, it’s no surprise to me that you are an English nationalist… most Brexiteers are. Huw certainly was, he made those remarks all the time.

Well, not all “us English” actually do want to break up the Union.
If you subtract London and the South East (which are by far the wealthiest parts of the UK) then almost everywhere else is a net taker… but that isn’t the whole story. There’s a reason that the wealth resides in London and the South East… because it is setup that way… and where most companies have their HQs.

Anyways, bonehead… enjoy your your holiday in Scotland… hope you make it out.


fynne - hi,
Good point m8. Obviously FIAT and the Remainers at the BBC (overwhelming majority - if not 100%), don’tknow the difference between ‘unlawful ‘ & ‘illegal ‘.


Yes, but given that Johnson is a typical representative of British establishment, I don’t understand your comment. If you think he is anti-establishment, it just shows to what extent you were brainwashed.


I do JAR! I simply reported accurately what the BBC said. I know that there is a distinction between illegal and unlawful. It appears to remain the case that the prorogation was not a lawful act according the the Scottish High Court though we now have to wait until next week when the UK Supreme Court rules.

Nonetheless, the Scottish judges have been damning about the untruths and deceptions used by the undemocratic Johnson government to achieve their prorogation and that this involved in lying to the Queen. What do you think about that?

Hopefully at some point our parliament will restore lawful runl in this country and snatch the reins from the self-appointed right wing arbiters of the Brexit process. There is no majority in the country or parliament for a no deal Brexit. As it is, it would seem that the only chance of agreeing a withdrawal with the EU is with the backstop or with an all-Ireland arrangement with a customs border in the Irish sea.


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FIAT - hi,
So what is the distinction then?


That’s your opinion Arsenias , your problem is the majority of the U.K. voting majority view it the same as me, now with added judicial interference , it will not be hard to spin this in BOJOs favour, and the beauty is your helping the cause :wink: along with Peters pictures …


If you don’t know JAR, I suggest you look it up.


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Mr Carpet is clearly deluded. The Scottish case is not “judicial interference”, it is three experienced judges coming to their decision on a matter of constitutional law. Of course, some decisons judges are required to make are a little subjective but in this case they were of the view that the prorogation was obtained at least on the basis of untrue grounds. The matter still has to be determined at the Supreme Court and we may then learn more.

Despite the undemocratic Johnson and the ERG cabal, we are still a country subject to the rule of law.

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Are you proud of being rather thick, Threadbare?

…whilst also reveling in that some will be trying to deceive others via ‘spin’… what an ugly and stupid person you are.


FIAT - hi,
I know - obviously you don’t.


I do and I don’t need to prove it to you! Silly boy!