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Tapping into a thriving and largely undiscovered market

Tapping into a thriving and largely undiscovered market

We have been active in Japan for the past two decades where we have found a market rich in potential that is largely undiscovered by brokers. In fact, due to its long history of poor corporate governance and weak alignment of interest, Japan is possibly one of the most undervalued markets in the developed world. Our conviction in Japan has been growing since 2016 and we are now in a strong position to capitalize on the enormous growth potential that this booming economy offers.

Corporate governance reform has been a driver of this increased conviction.



AVI does not just invest money in Japanese companies but we are actively invested in their success too. Our involvement in the Japanese business scene has been growing rapidly since 2016.  We regularly meet with hundreds of company directors and management teams as well as regularly correspond with Japanese companies regarding corporate governance improvements. AVI’s much-applauded 2018 campaign, “Improving TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System)” was created to help TBS management (and our fellow shareholders) improve TBS’ corporate value, capital efficiency and corporate governance.  

Projects such as these demonstrate our role in actively engaging with company boards and which we remain committed to for all the companies we invest in.