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Our experts share their top tips for making the most of your money.

Expert Tips Checklist

Get set up for investing.

ii expert tip #1.
Take stock of your finances.

Make a list of your old pensions and investment accounts and find out what you’re paying in fees - it may surprise you. It’s not just about investments - money sitting in low-interest savings accounts could be losing value under the weight of inflation. Could that money be working harder in an ii SIPP or ISA?

ii expert tip #2.
Save when you bring your investments together.

With ii, you can have all your investments under one roof for a low, flat monthly fee. What’s more, having all your accounts together in one place can save you time when it comes to managing your investments. Don't pay more than you have to.

ii expert tip #3.
Go beyond our borders.

Investing internationally means you can access household names like Apple, Microsoft and Tesla, as well as lesser-known growth stocks not available on UK markets. ii's multi-award-winning international service gives you access to more investments than any other provider in the market.

ii expert tip #4.
Set up free regular investing.

Regular investing means topping up your investments monthly - a bit like putting money into savings. It carries a smaller risk than investing a lump sum, because you won't be as exposed to sudden price drops. You also stand to gain more from the upswings. With ii, you can start from as little as £25 per month, and it’s free with your service plan.

ii expert tip #5.
Become more informed.

You may have heard that knowledge is power, and at ii we have a growing catalogue of expert tips, news and insights to help you invest smarter. Our daily insights and ideas take the form of articles, videos and podcasts – so you can stay up to date while on the go, or in the comfort of your home.

Make your money work harder.

ii expert tip #6.
Take full advantage of your ISA.

This year's ISA allowance is £20,000 – so if you have cash to spare and unused allowance, now is the time to make your money work harder. The more you pay in now, the more time your money has to grow. Plus, if you're an existing customer, you can add an ISA to your account at no extra cost.

ii expert tip #7.
Top up your pension for a better retirement.

You can contribute up to 100% of your annual earnings to a pension (capped at £40,000 - or £4,000 if you've started taking a taxable income from your pension). So if you have spare cash lying around in savings, it could be working harder in your pension. Even an extra 1% of your salary can mean an extra £25,000 in retirement.

Check out our SIPP calculator to see if you are saving enough for retirement, and our pension drawdown calculator to find out how long your pension could last. 

ii expert tip #8.
Plan for your children’s future.

There are many ways you can help support your children’s financial future - teaching them about pocket money, saving in an ISA to help pay school fees, or by opening a Junior ISA to give them a helping hand once they turn 18. You can add Junior ISAs to your ii account at no extra cost, and you can contribute up to £9,000 per child per year.

ii expert tip #9.
Combine old pensions into a SIPP.

If you have old pensions with different providers, transferring them all to a SIPP could make it much easier to keep track. And if you are paying percentage fees, which grow over time, our flat fees could give you thousands more in retirement.

Get more from your ii account.

Not only do you get our Stocks and Shares ISA, Junior ISA and Trading Account for £9.99 a month – we also provide a range of tools and resources to help you become a better investor.

ii expert tip #10.
Make the most of our expert insights.

Our team of expert analysts and writers have put together a range of tools and information to help you become a better investor.

  • ii Super 60 – our rated list of quality investment options, designed to suit all investors.
  • ii ACE 40 – our list of ethical investments, narrowed down from our long list.
  • Model portfolios– four ready-made portfolios selected and managed by our experts.

ii expert tip #11.
Ethical investing – invest in line with your values.

Climate change has accelerated the pace of innovation across all sectors of the economy, and a growing number of investors are leading the charge by investing ethically. Ethical investing is personal and subjective and ii makes it easy to find investments that are aligned to your values.

ii expert tip #12.
Spread your risk – diversify your investments.

Not all investments perform well at the same time. Likewise, risk levels - and potential for returns - can vary over time. It’s wise to spread your investments around so that if one area of your portfolio is not doing so well, another could be ahead. Our Super 60 and ACE 40 rated lists provide a range of options to help you build a balanced portfolio.

ii expert tip #13.
Make the most of dividend reinvestment.

If you don’t need the income, re-investing dividends is a smart way to make your investments go even further and benefit from compound growth. The service costs just 99p for each reinvestment with ii – another reason we’re great value.

ii expert tip #14.
Get involved and have your say.

Shareholder voting gives you the opportunity to have a say in how companies that you invest in manage their performance, diversity and commitments to things such as climate change.

Registering is simple, and means you’ll see a voting mailbox in your online account so you can get started right away.

ii expert tip #15.
Stay in control when you’re busy.

At ii we offer a range of 'order types' to help you make the most of your trading experience. For example, you can instruct us to buy or sell shares when the price rises or falls to a certain level. One less thing to worry about when your attention is on other things.

ii expert tip #16.
Invest anywhere with our mobile app.

Not long ago investors had to place orders by post or by phone. Then came the internet and finally mobile phones. Today, you can keep an eye on your portfolio, add cash to your account and place an order instantly – wherever you are.

This page aims to provide you with a summary of the different investment options, tools, apps and services available to ii customers. The investments referred to may not be suitable for all investors, and if in doubt, an investor should seek advice from a qualified investment adviser. Please visit the relevant product pages for more information and any associated risks. Please remember, the value of your investments, and the income derived from them, may go down as well as up. You may not get back all the money that you invest.