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We can trace our investment roots back to 1868, when F&C Investment Trust, the world’s oldest collect investment fund launched, and have been adding to our offering ever since. We currently manage 10 Investment Trusts, providing a range of investment opportunities including access to equities, bonds, property and private equity. Each trust has different aims and objectives with the option of capital growth, income or a combination of both and with a specific regional focus or with a global remit.

BMO Managed Portfolio Income & Growth Trust plc

The Trust invests in underlying investment companies providing a good level of diversification by underlying management style, geography, sector and company. It has two Portfolios; the Income Portfolio and the Growth Portfolio. The objective for the Income Portfolio is to provide investors with an attractive level of income, with the potential for income and capital growth. Income dividends are paid quarterly. The objective for the Growth portfolio is to provide investors with capital growth.

Update from Hamish Mair, Head of Private Equity at BMO Global Asset Management (EMEA)

Update from Sam Cosh, Fund Manager at BMO Global Asset Management (EMEA)

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