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RNS Number : 2241Y
Versarien PLC
20 August 2018

Versarien plc

(“Versarien” or the “Company”)
Collaboration Agreement with AXIA Materials

Versarien plc (AIM: VRS), the advanced materials engineering group, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with AXIA Materials Co., LTD (“AXIA”) to develop graphene enhanced composite materials and smart graphene devices using both Versarien’s proprietary Nanene graphene nano platelets and proprietary Graphinks graphene inks.

AXIA, which is based in South Korea, develops advanced thermoplastic composite material solutions under its LiteTex brand for the automotive, sports, electronics and building sectors, and produces pre-fabricated buildings under its Pixel Haus brand.

Versarien will initially work with AXIA on two projects:

  • Smart Buildings - Versarien’s Graphinks will be used to incorporate sensors and thermal devices into composite building panels and Versarien’s Nanene will be used to develop graphene enhanced materials which will be used in structural composites.

  • Electric Vehicle applications - Versarien’s Graphinks will be used to add smart systems to a composite electric vehicle battery tray and Versarien’s Nanene will be used to improve the properties of the composite structure. The battery tray is being developed with automotive battery system manufacturers for use by global automotive OEMs.

The relationship with AXIA developed from the recent visit to South Korea by Versarien management with Innovate UK and the European Enterprise Network’s Global Business Accelerator Programme. This relationship will be supported by the UK Government’s Department for International Trade (“DIT”).

Commenting Justin Jin, CEO of AXIA, said: “As a composite materials development and manufacturing company our goal has been to develop multi-functional solutions which are integrated and embedded into our structural materials. With Versarien’s Graphinks solutions we believe that we can integrate sensors and electric circuits into composite building materials for smart houses and with Nanene ensure rapid heat dissipation in integrated electric vehicle battery tray systems and improve composite building materials. We believe there will be many more opportunities to utilise Versarien’s materials technology to bring game changing solutions to the market. We are very excited to start working with Versarien.”

Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien, commented: "We are delighted to have signed this agreement with AXIA, which demonstrates the global demand for Versarien’s graphene products.

"We look forward to working with AXIA and their customers to develop a variety of graphene enhanced systems and technologies. The relationship with AXIA is an important step for Versarien and illustrates the wide range of applications that Versarien’s Nanene and Graphinks can be applied to.

“We are grateful to the UK Government for their support to secure this agreement.”


And so the global expansion continues…this deal also suggests that large volumes of nanene and inks will be required. No doubt NR will elaborate in a podcast shortly.



Yes ToT it just keeps on getting better! Looking forward to the podcast for more ‘hints’!


Take a look at the Pixel Haus, Eyeson: Then click on ‘about’ . They have a global presence and are using Axia Materials’ composites and laminates. I see enormous potential for quick returns in areas hit by natural disasters or war, not to mention poorer countries where cost of construction is a significant issue.



ToT…Certainly looking at the Pixel H web site it does throw up a huge number of possibilities within the construction and housing industries. This side of todays collaboration comes in pretty left field and as Neill said in todays podcast “you know I never thought of that one”!! I also like the implications for the use of Nanene in heat dissipation in battery trays. I truley think that Neill and VRS trying to push through orders now at pace and he even mentions that aspect in the podcast. So oneards and upwards as they say!

Here’s a link to todays podcast btw:


Yes it was a very upbeat podcast Eyeson. I noted that NR said that this was the first ‘reportable’ activity in Korea. In other words other deals are bubbling under.

On EV’s I think he might have just confirmed that they are doing something with Tesla, when he said that ‘We are working with some of the biggest companies…a big challenge, which we hope to solve very quickly.’ He also said that the market was about six months behind the curve and that this is a very big week for them…perhaps a strong hint that more news is coming.

Chart now seems to be set up perfectly for a rise to 180p and perhaps beyond over the next month or two, so it would be good for Justin Waite to get Nicola Duke back on the podcast.




Neill also dropped in a name ‘Bruno’, helping in China? He’s new to me!


Not someone I was familiar with but then why would I be.

I think there were a lot more important things said in the podcast and in summary

Axia want to progress real quick on 2 areas but other applications are inferred
They have reach to Japan, China etc and the big name players in Korea
We also have direct lines into some of these (NR said)
We are only concentrating on 2 of 2000 new materials ATM (and rightly so)
Exciting news re China (Freudian slip?)
Concentrating on US with Gov to make sure they don’t play second fiddle to China (That’s my words as I can’t rem the exact phrase used)
Good for the country was mentioned and post Brexit (hence DIT involvement)
Reporting is 6 months behind what is happening now (meaning we are progressing at pace IMHO)
The team continues to need to expand

1st day back on this site4 after they changed and well its not user friendly is it …

I know nooothing


I know…Andrew, True the site is not the same as it was and not at all user friendly!

Nice precis of Neills podcast, all in all very exciting times for VRS. Worth having a look at NicTrades view, and she’s looking for a close of 145p and above then moving on to 160p / 192p


ToT do you have a chartists view currently?



Hey Andrew. Why have you changed your name - I think the I know nothing gave it away lol


Eyeson, the chart is looking very bullish but the RSI and momentum indicators allow plenty of room for further upside, so I am as one with Nicola Duke, and probably higher still once China and USA have come in.




ToT…Well I certainly think something major is brewing and having closed today at 147p going over Nicola’s closing value of 145p, it’s onwards and upwards to meet her predictions. :heart_eyes:



150p cracked this morning. Onwards and upwards


Sure is JT and as predicted after yesterdays all time highest close of 147p…:rocket::rocket::rocket:


I didn’t change my name the bloody site did. When they migrated I couldn’t get on here as it referred to an old email address I no longer had access to, hence I have been radio silent and frustratingly so.

I will be changing it as soon as I can as the names are changed to protect the innocent. I missed you lot but what effect did that have? Absolutely nothing as the SP continued to rise despite the antics of 1 individual / Group / Forum / Desk with multiple twitter accounts etc


You’re back to a mushroom, albeit it greyed out. So we’ve touched 150p and dropped just a little back but still doing great considering most of the work is still in collabs rather than production.


Nice to have you back mushroom!