Rumours of oil



The comment by Aquason reminds me of the old joke

An Old Oilman dies and presents himself to St Peter at the Pearly Gates, but there is no room for any more oilmen in Heaven so Peter says sorry, but you will have to go down below.

Old Oilman unhappy, ponders a moment, takes a step back and bellows at the top of his voice: “Oil discovered in Hell . . . !!”.

Dead silence, then a roar and the gates are burst open with hordes of oilmen, rushing out and off down to hell.

St Peter, stunned, looks at old oilman, “Hmm . . . not sure if that should be allowed, but anyway there is loads of room in heaven now so in you go”

Old Oilman not sure, looks both ways, thinking, finally he says “you know what, thanks very much but I think I will follow the boys, there may be some truth in that rumour after all!”

That’s all we are after in this game, PVR don’t have to actually find any oil to satisfy us, they just have to start drilling and the excitement will start. We can sell off part of our holdings and have a free carry on the rest. But rumours without drilling are no good to us, we have had too many of those.

Action Tony pls.